1985 Volvo 760 Engine wiring harness

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Electrical problem
1985 Volvo 760 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 210k miles

"This one is a doozy. The previous owner had this sitting outside for mabey 1 year. Wa. State. I have had it now 4 days, LONG days. It had to be towed home. I had spark, no fuel. I wish I could include pics, as the laugh would be heard here. The long of it cut short, I found the wiring hrness to the starter, fuel inj, capicitor pack? 2 mabey 2.5 in long on top of 2=4. The insulation covring the wires from that Plug to the rest of the harness, looks and flakes like dried chalk. I have found many other places along the haness like this. Now the strange thing is that there are no burnt wires. They have no short marks, or burn thru. I know, but I told you it was strange. I am replacing the harness with a good used one. I hesitate to ask if you have heard of such an instance. I was able to repediatly turn the engine over with the starter, and even have spark at the wires, and plugs. Lights work, all fuses aand fusable links are intact. Everything operates but no or little fuel. I have some fuel on the lugs when I pulled them. I was amazed when I pulled the harness from under the intake, it literally crumbled in my fingers. I almost thought they were at least on a 50 year old car that was in the desert. I have the harness in the garage if you or Volvo woul like to see it. Thanks

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Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 AT 8:55 PM

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