Lost block heater and anti freeze on 84 volco 240gl Wagon

  • 1984 VOLVO 240

1984 volvo wagon gl model.
I was driving home in a snow storm on the Highway, stoped for lunch after an hour of driving. Went to start car, reved high then low then high idleing funny. Drove another hour and the snow got heavier only drove 70 km /hour 40 miles?/Hour. Stopped to use the woashroom left car running, it died while running. Put in gasline antifreeze, cheked the filter cleaned it out, would not start knocking noise. 1.5 hours passed car started. Sprayed distrubitor with wd40. Drove in evern deeper snow cold conditions slowed down to a stop, car idled funny, reved the hell out of it calmed down and was smooth. We drove for 2.5 hours at 50-60km/hour. 30miles? Got to town stopped car died. Towed it to mechanic, we lost our Block heater and all the anti freeze.
but we had heat the eintier trip. And never noticed a spill. And did not notice it overhieatting. To busy staring at the crumby highway with no viisablity to notice any lights or gages.
Plese help. Wondering if mechanic is trying to rip us off.
do you think we may have really screwed somthing up.
it was so cold outside and so much snow could of the engine over heated?

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, December 4th, 2006 AT 7:28 PM

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