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Noises problem
1997 Volkswagen Polo Manual 90,000 miles

The center box on my car was replaced when it had a service. Since then it has been vibrating when I reach speeds of between 50 - 60mph and at certain revs.

I went back to the mechanics and they told me that because it was a new part, the internal parts of the exhaust needed to 'carbon up' to dampen the noise of the fumes going round.

I've driven it for over 600 miles now since the service and its not going away at all. I went back again but they are very adament that it is because of the above. It is awkward to keep going back so I'd like a second opinion if anyone can help? If I'm being told the truth, how long is this going to last?

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 AT 8:25 AM

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