89 VW Cabriolet will stop while running


This nice convertible will stop while running.I open the hood and disconect ans elect. Piece call a module that is located behind or by the wipers case inside then I have plug and unplug for a couple times and the car will restart again and run for a couple days with no problems I will say it happens every two days. Also the front wheels make a lots of noise when turning I check for the stering fluid, however I do not know where the container for the fluid is located or if has one at all; can someone tell me the easy way to put transmission fluid to this car I can't find the hole where to pour the fluid and what tyoe of fluid needs. This nice cabriloet has over 140k miles the reader stop working after I got the car, however when it runs it runs very nice. The car has a complete tune up it is a 4 cyl. Automatic I check the trans. Fluid and looks like it was very low. Please help. My wife wants me to sell the car if I don't use anymore. It's been off the road for a couple moths some people say is the timing. Or the distributor.I think it has to be something electronic.
Thx a lot. Will appreciated your prompt response.
Best Rgds.
Antonio in New York :)

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 AT 8:01 PM

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