1995 VW Jetta Starter Issues


Volkswagen Jetta, 1995, 193K miles and a 2.0 4 cylinder. I think.

When I try to start my car the starter makes a whinning noise but does not crank the fly wheel and hence turn the engine over. It's just a solid whirring noise if you will.

It's an Standard Transmission car.

I took the starter off and got it tested. They said the bendex extends and retracts as it's supposed to and the teeth are fine with no damage. The only thing they said that may be an issue is that it's drawing about 200 amps which is high. I did a check on the connections from that battery to the starter and made sure they are clean and tight. I also turned the crankshaft bolt to move the fly wheel and inspected it twice to make sure there was no damage to that. There was none. I also had my daughter step on the clutch while I was viewing the fly wheel (through the hole where the starter goes) and nothing jumped around indicating anything was loose.

My questions are:
Is the 200 amps it's drawing too high and this is causing it?

Could it be the starter drive not engaging and thus making it difficult to start the car? (It does start eventually but I usually have to have the clutch completely out and then push it in real quick when the car starts to jump. It doesn't work this way all the time either.) The clutch is tight and I can't move through gears without it pushed in either. I thought maybe that could be a cause?

If it is the starter drive can that be replaced by itself or do I have to buy an entire new starter?

Is there anything else I could be missing? Could it be something other then the starter?

I appreciate the help and just want to get this fixed but I have run out of ideas.


Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 AT 11:43 AM

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