1996 Vauxhall Astra



December, 19, 2009 AT 6:41 PM

Noises problem
1996 Vauxhall Astra 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 143150 miles

hi I have a vauxhall astra 1.4 expression my car as been stood for 2 weeks I had to have my battery jump started and it sounded like I was running on three plug but when I went to check the water it was full but the main water pipe that runs to the radiator and I think it also runs to the engine is frozen solid how do I un freeze it and is that why it is not running properly and sounds like im running on three plugs


1 Answer


Dave H

December, 22, 2009 AT 5:09 AM

Do no t run the vehicle again with frozen water in the hose's, chances are if the coolant in the hoses is frozen so is the coolant in the engine block. You need to push the vehicle into a garage with a heater and thaw the car out before attempting to start again?

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