1997 Toyota Tamaraw hello sir (Tamaraw FX)


Engine Cooling problem
1997 Toyota Tamaraw 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 120000 miles

Its about my tamaraw fx, everyday of my life when using our tamaraw fx, I'm using it without aircon and the radiator is not losing water on it, but when I started to use the aircon for about 20 minutes run the temperature gauge is starting to rise to middle part and when I turn my headlights on then the temperature gauge also rises up, its like the engine is going to overheat. When I turned the headlights on the temperatures indicates closed to HEAT 3/4, then after I turned off the engine and have the engine a little nap, I opened the radiator and it has about 30% percent loss of water, I bought a new water pump lower and upper hoses, waterjackets are great, reservoir (reserve tank is new) radiator got it overhauled, circulation is good when I open my radiator, fans are good, aircon and highspeed fans, Just got the engine piston ring replaced and compression idle of the engine starts with 700 without aircon and lights, with aircon is 900, 850 rpm with aircon and lights. My sister will borrow our tamaraw fx in 1 week time and they will be using aircon always because they have 3 kids. It might let them overheat and I know its way too expensive when water and oil are together in the engine and will ruin piston, rings, blocks, cylinder head. What should I do, and It was really strange that why the temp is rising up to hot whenever I turn my headlights on? Do you thing its the temperature gauge which must be replaced?

I really cannot make any donation yet because I'm new with this, but trying to know this website if answers really works. By the way my engine is 7k TOYOTA, 4 cylinders 1781cc (1800cc) 8 valve mini suv.

What should I do? Please response as soon as possible! VERY WELL THANKS!

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, March 30th, 2009 AT 2:47 AM

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