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I have a 2006 RAV4 V6 without the tow package. Does anybody know if there are supposed to be fuses in both electric cooling fan slots 22 and 23 in the engine fuse compartment number 1 (passenger side)? Slot 22 is called "RDI or FAN2" and slot 23 is called "CDS or FAN1". Our RAV4 only has a fuse in slot 23. Slot 22 came from the dealer empty. I'm hoping that doesn't mean only 1 of the cooling fans is currently operational. For quick reference, it's diagramed on page 398 of the owners manual showing fuses in both slots. Also, other than the Toyota dealer, which is 70 miles from me, could someone tell me where to find those little square box fuses (not the flat horse shoe shaped ones). I've already checked Autozone and Walmart. Nothing. Thank you for you help.

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Monday, April 3rd, 2006 AT 8:43 PM

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Don't worry about it-try this put your AC On and see whether both fans are working after 10mins warm-up

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Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 AT 5:41 AM

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