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Hello I have a 2007 Toyota RAV4 with 4-cyl gasoline engine (2AZ-FE), 2362 cc, automatic trans, present mileage: 3200. The owners manual that came with the car is in Spanish, so I ordered one in English. They are virtually the same with one important difference: The Spanish edition recommends a "normal" range of crankcase oil viscosities for temperature/driving conditions so, I'm using Toyota brand 20W50, since the temperature here is never below about 60 deg. F (Rep. Of Panama) High temperatures are in the 90's and city driving, which I seldom do, can be quite hot. However the English edition recommends 0W20 or 5W20 for all conditions. I know that Toyota has had problems with sludge buildup in some engines but I thought that was confined to the V6's. I don't know what was in the engine when it was delivered new. On their regular maintenance program my first oil change would be at 12000 kilometers. I thought that was unacceptable and changed at 2000 miles, as a break-in period, and intend to change oil again at about 5000, thereafter at 5000 mile intervals. What oil do you think I should be using? Thank you for your help. Clark Trexel

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Saturday, October 6th, 2007 AT 10:04 AM

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