1996 Rav4 hunting repair

  • 1996 TOYOTA RAV4

My 1996 2.0 rav4 has done 137k, and has recently had a new timing belt fitted. However, with all this bad weather it was unavoidable that it would go through some deep water. After not being able to start, the garage started the engine by starting it whilst being towed. (No water damage, including no water in the distributor, plugs, etc etc) now the car starts, but makes a hunting noise up to 2100 revs and drops down to idle, just to rev itself back to 2100. The garage passed up the work as they didnt have a diagnostic machine and on testing the sensors we thought that it would be the throttle positioning sensor, however after replacing this, there is still the problem, just wondering if anyone had a simular problem or any ideas about where to look next. The next move was perhaps the vacuum circut as removing one of the pipes makes it idle steady, but high. Perhaps the outlet in the chassis sucked up some water? (The outlet would have been under water at a time) would just be nice to have some general pointers before I undertake taking it to pieces without a haynes manual to indicate how to put it all back together again

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Thursday, August 2nd, 2007 AT 8:31 AM

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