No/low compression


1991 Toyota P/U 3.0 6cyl

So today I decided to finally work on my truck, ive been driving it as-is for awhile and have had some problems.I did a compression check on all cylinders, 4 cylinders read 150-170psi, 1 cylinder read 50psi and 1 read nearly nothing 2 psi. My next step I would take is to look at each cylinder and check for scuffs or I need to replace rings, what else should I check for? I was thinking maybe I should add a little oil to the low compression cylindrers and see if the psi goes up to elimate some possible causes? I need some guidance on what I should be doing and what I should do next.

Also, my taillights went out and so did my dash light, my headlights and breaklights work, I took the bulb out of the reverse light and it melted to the wire contact pulling it with the bulb. So now I have no reverse lights.I checked the fuses, is this a short and where would it be?

I also need to replace the manifold gasket on the exhaust side, this truck has alot of problems right now and is my daily driver and Im going to keep it running so any help would be great, thanks alot. The main thing right now is the compression and the lights. Thanks

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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006 AT 6:44 PM

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