1984 Toyota Pickup



October, 8, 2006 AT 3:37 PM

I need a little help tracking down this problem.

My son has a '84 pickup 22R 2wd manual. The truck was running fine before the following:

He repaced the battery due to the age of the battery and the amount of corrion on the cables. He was able to clean up the POS cable and replace the NEG cable. He then could not get it to start. It wouldn't even crank. Thats when I came over to look at it.

I looked at the main fuses and the main 60 amp was blown. I asked him if he had hooked up the battery backward. He had. I also found that while he was pulling the wires around near the battery he had pulled the starter wire of it's post on the starter. I put that back on.

Now it cranks but I have no spark at the coil outlet. So I replaced the coil but still no spark.

what else could it be? What else may of shorted out when he hooked it up backward?


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October, 14, 2006 AT 4:05 AM

Check your ignition fuse if blown the coil will not give. If there's power at coil-test the piggy back rider so called Ignitor.

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