1994 Toyota Pickup



November, 11, 2006 AT 8:45 AM

: shock: HELP! HELP! : Shock: I have a '94 Toyota 4x4 standard cab pickup with a 22re motor in it. As of late, I have been having problems with it on cold days. When I go to start it, I turn the key and it clicks when I turn the key and will have to basically coax it to start. After it is started, the idle goes up past 2 grand and then once it seems to warm up it starts revving up and down as if someone is taking their foot on and off the accelerator. I was told by a shop that it " could" be the Idle Air Control Motor. (VERY expensive!) They weren't for sure. Could this be something as simple as a thermostat problem? Or do you think it is something electrical because of the tough starts in cold weather? Or is it two seperate problems? I have been told it could be the coolant temperature sensor, the fuel pressure regulator, the throttle position sensor, an EGR valve, a bad cell in the battery, the alternator, or the thermostat! I'm chasing my tail on this one! Any suggestions, or better yet. SOLUTIONS would be IMMENSELY appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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