1988 Toyota Pickup front brake disc removal

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Brakes problem
1988 Toyota Pickup 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 180000 miles

my front braking discs are shot and they have been that way for a while. My father and I are trying to remove and replace them but we can't! We've removed the wheel, removed the caliper, removed the locking mechanism for the hub, and now were trying to remove the disc. But we seem to be stuck! We can't figure out how to remove the disc and hub from the truck. We thinkwe know how to remove the hub from the disc, but dont we need to remove the disc with the hub attatched first, then remove the hub? Help me!

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Friday, March 12th, 2010 AT 6:32 PM

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1. Remove the brake pads and the caliper
2. Check the disc run-out at this point. Make a note of the results for use during installation.
3. Remove the grease cap from the hub. Remove the cotter pin and the castellated nut.
4. Remove the wheel hub with the brake disc attached.
5. Perform the disc inspection procedure as outlined in this section.

To install:

6. Coat the hub oil seal lip with multipurpose grease and install the disc/hub assembly.
7. Adjust the wheel bearing preload
8. Measure the disc run-out. Check it against the specifications and against the figures noted during removal.

If the wheel bearing nut is improperly tightened, disc run-out will be affected.

9. Install the remainder of the components
10. Bleed the brake system.
11. Road test the truck. Check the wheel bearing preload.

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