1987 Toyota Pickup



March, 1, 2010 AT 1:52 PM

Computer problem
1987 Toyota Pickup 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 111000 miles

Hello. I have a 87 Toyota one ton truck, that is also a motorhome. The problem I have is the check engine light came on. It came on briefly twice and went out. I retrieved the code for it, exactly how the repair manuals say to, and the code I got is 45. I asked about it at a few parts stores that offer check engine service, and they all said there is no code 45 for toyota listed. I checked the repair manuals I have, and some in the library, and it's not listed. I have doublechecked this, and that's the code I'm getting. It's OBD 1, it is not OBD 2 like some online sites are listing it as. (It's an 1987 truck). I have asked the dealer who sometimes helps with info and now they won't help anyone I hear. They told me if I want to know to " Google it". Could you help me with this? Thanks.


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