1981 Toyota Pickup vapor lock

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Engine Mechanical problem
1981 Toyota Pickup 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 20,000 miles

it is a 22r rebuilt motor that ran fine for five days after the rebuild. I removed the truck bed and put a flat bed with tank in the bed and installed a new transmission and transfer case. Following these changes the truck started up and ran fine but once it got hot it vapor locked the system and would not run until it was cooled
i went through the intake cooling system it is fine I put the tank back under the truck in its origional location and installed a mechanical pump as well as an electronic and rebuilt the carb. Also in line is a brand new fuel filter. I removed the egr valve and blocked off the ports I have changed the timing from top dead center to five degrees as called for in some manuals and the results are still the same the truck runs great for about 10 min then it shuts down and will not keep fluid in the bowl. If I remove the top of the bowl and start the truck it pulls full through just fine and will run for a few minutes then bog back out. I am baffled and do not know where else to begin to solve the problem. I am up for any suggestions

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 AT 5:13 PM

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