RPM setting for Idle on 1992 Camry 4 cyl.

  • 1992 TOYOTA

Recently had a new ignition coil, igniter, and rotor. Car was having difficulty first with overheating, that problem was repaired. But while they were testing for the overheating, the car was stalling out. Possibly the difficulty with overheating, damaged these other parts, not sure. Car does have 175,000+ miles and it might have just time to replace. Upon picking up the car I find that it seems to idle faster that it did before. What should the idle rate be when just parked or stopped at a light? It is just under 1,000RPM.(Approx 775) would that be normal. Just wondering. It seems to be using more fuel than it did before, and is that also normal for the parts replaced. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks, Annet

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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006 AT 12:08 AM

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