Electrical problems with my 87 Toyota Camry

  • 1987 TOYOTA

I have A 87 Toyota Camry with 237546 miles on it. My problem began with my brake lights going out. I was driving and my wipers turned on really fast I never seen them go this fast and this was without me turning them on. Every time I pressed my gas to drive and get speed they turned on. When I got home I fixed the brake lights and found a short to a component in the trunk. I was going to go buy this part at the junk yard because the autozone I went to didnt carry it. When I got home the wipers started to go crazy on me again. I turned off the car because smoke was coming out of the dash between my radio and the air condition switches. It smelled like burned wire just like the component in my trunk. As I went to check my fuses they all would not light up with a test light and all the fuses are still good. My seatbelt doesnt work and my car doesn't turn over to start. My battery is good and my horn works and my headlights only turn on if I put the highbeams on. What do you think happend to my car? And would this have any thing to do with the transmissions first and second gear getting speed?

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, October 23rd, 2006 AT 2:20 AM

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