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December, 12, 2006 AT 7:43 AM


I bought a Corolla 95 8 months ago with 101K miles on it, and have added 18K miles on it since then. At the beginning, it was giving me a great milage of 30-33 city/40-42 highway. But for last 2/3 months, the milage has dropped to 25 city 30 hwy. I dont have money so cant take the car to mechanic. It runs great otherwise, only with a little vibration that mechanic had told me was due to a bad motor mount, and advised me not to chage until I want to spend 200$ just for that vibration/sound.
But loosing gas milage is a big headache for me. I did not change the plugs or anything since I bought and not quite sure when necessary parts were/ever changed. What should I look for as an indication to change?

Please help

Thanks a lot

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December, 12, 2006 AT 10:25 AM

I would look at changing your 02 sensors or sensors. First if you have a 4 cylinder then you will only have one sensor, if you have a 6 cylinder you will have two. They are located at the exit of the exhaust manifold or in the piping just after the manifold. They look like a spark plug with wires sticking out of the top. They are realatively easy to change out. You will need a 02 sensor socket(it can be purchased or rented from most auto parts stores), you will need to get a ratchet that will fit the sensor socket that you purchased. Disconnect the electrical connector and spray penentrating oil on the threaded area of the sensor(do this while the exhaust is cold!). Remove old sensor and install new sensor, then reconnect wiring connector.



December, 17, 2006 AT 11:56 AM

I agree check the o2 sensor. If it is bad, you might have noticed a rotten egg smell, especially when stopping after getting off a highway, or even at a stoplight. If you are unsure about the age of the spark plugs, etc, I would check those, too. It might be a good idea just to replace them anyways if you put that many miles on the car. Also check the fuel filter and air filter, and your tire pressure. These are all little things, but when they add up, can definitely affect your gas mileage!

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