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Please Help! I have a 1995 Toyota Corolla Station Wagon DX, stick, with a 1.8 engine, 70,000 miles. Upon filling up with the new ethenol gas, that very day my car started stalling out until it finally quit. It had to be towed to my house. I believed it to be from the new ethenol. Had a friend working on it and he found a leak at o ring in distributor. Replaced the whole distributor brain and all. Car started but not fixed. Upon acceleration it chokes like it is not getting gas. Replaced the fuel pump which was bad. Still has the acceleration problem. Car runs like a dream while idleing, but upon acceleration acts as though there is a vapor lock. Have replaced all spark plug wires and spark plugs. Still have the problem. Took it to mechanic and had it put on computer. Mech stated that it kept loosing signal. He checked wires individually and could find nothing. Ended up telling me to try changing the main computer and see if that was the problem. Changed the computer and still upon acceleration it chokes, does not die, but chokes. Now it seems no one can help me. Was told by dealer that they would have to see it at 85$ per hour. I am on disability and do not have that kind of money. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Have done routine maitenance and only owner of vehicle. Never had any trouble at all from this car till now.

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Thursday, May 31st, 2007 AT 10:30 PM

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You could replace the fuel filter and have the throttle position and mass airflow sensors to include the oxygen sensors

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Friday, June 1st, 2007 AT 4:23 PM

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