Cuts off while driving, tachometer would not Move

Good day I have a 1993 corolla with a 1.6 carbuerated engine - automatic transmisson doing about 225K mile.
I recently been having trouble the car would just cut off on the highway while am driving doing about 100kpmh, and sometimes when I use the car to go some where and when am ready to leave it may not start right away.
The strange thing I noticed is while am trying to start the car the tachometer does not even budge, it stays on zero even when am consitently trying to start, the oil light does not come on either.
I thought it was electrical so I took it by a guy and he replaced my alternator and replaced my distributor module and rotor, he had to modify these parts since we could not get any parts for the carbuerated engine model so he used the fuel injection model engine parts. After he did this d car worked good for about 125km and then the next day while on the highway doing 100kpmh it cut off, I then put car on netural and tried to start but notin so I put it back on drive to let the engine turn over and then try to start back on netural and notin I rolled to the side of the highway to a stand still waited a 3mins and bomm it started in one tumble. This was the same problem as before I changed the parts.
I am confused am not sure if the ignition coil is gettin to hot or if it is a carbuerator problem. The engine is old and needs some work like valves and piston rings etc but I dont think that can cause it please lend some support
Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 AT 11:46 AM

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Try checking the fuel pressure for a start.
Was this
Thursday, July 19th, 2007 AT 1:28 AM

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