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I own a Corolla 2002 CE (automatic) trans with 63k miles and I get very high gas consumption 26.72 mpg on highway and 21.5 - 21.9 mpg within the city. It doesn't seem that is burning oil.

There is no sensor coming up on board. Does this mean that there are no error codes?

I have friends with similar cars and they get 26-29 mpg in the city. I verified the tire pressure and it fine 31.5 psi on all four wheels from 30 psi on factory manual.

This consumption is like a 25-31% increase so it is pretty obvious. My 1990 old Ford Escort had better milleage. Than this 2002 Corolla?

Please let me know if you can think on anything.

Thank you,


Sunday, February 5th, 2006 AT 7:34 AM

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