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December, 27, 2006 AT 9:26 PM

1995 Toyota Celica GT 2.2 Liter Automatic 119000 miles: First off I want to say what a great website! I need some advice because my car has giving me a lot of grief this past year.

Aug 05 – Changed EGR Valve, EGR Solenoid, EGR Modular, Temp Sensor (no problem yet, just mentioned this incase it is important info).

Nov ’05 – This is where problem starts. Got a 30,000 mile maintenance schedule done. Immediately after, car did not sound good - sounded louder. Work done- oil change, replaced air & fuel filter, fuel system cleaning and induction, changed transmission fluid & added treatment, coolant system flush with sealant and conditioner, and replaced spark plugs. I took car back (couple of times), but I am told car sounds fine.

Apr ’06 – Replaced dist. Cap, rotor, and wires in hopes that it would fix loud idol sound. It didn’t help.

Apr ’06 – Car hesitated/lost a little power while driving. I don’t recall if engine light was coming on. Was advised I get a fuel system cleaning.

Aug ’06 – Car seems to be getting worse. Loud idol still continues, but now seems like there might be a problem with transmission – lack of power. Engine light also starts to coming on. Took it to dealer. Had them change spark plugs in hopes that would help. They also got the following codes: Code # 25- O2-Oxygen Sensor. Code #63-Transmission Shift Solenoid 1 & 2. They dropped the pan and said there were metals in the system. Said I needed a transmission rebuild.

Sept ’06 - Went to different repair shop to replace 02 Sensor and get 2nd opinion before shelling out more $$$. Upon test drive, told me transmission felt like transmission was slipping. They got different codes: Code 52- Sensor Circuit and Code 24-Intake Air Temperature Sensor Circuit. I also had them check fuel pressure, but that was fine.

Oct ’06 – Got transmission overhaul. I mentioned codes 52 & 24 to transmission shop and they said it’s nothing to worry about. Transmission shop also told me that there was nothing wrong with Shift Solenoids so they did not change them out.

Oct –Dec ’06 – Car runs a little better, but still off. Seems like there is a delay when I step on gas. As if car needs to “catch up”. Also, car takes a little while 3-4 minutes before shifting into 4th gear. This happens mainly after car has been sitting for several hours or overnight. It’s worse in cooler weather. Had taken car back to transmission shop because engine light came on. They could not get any codes and felt car is fine. Idol now is getting a bit louder. When I put car in reverse, noise gets quieter, then gets loud again when I put in drive (not as loud as when in park). Car also doesn’t have the power it should. What do you think? I’m at my wits end and cannot afford a new car.


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December, 28, 2006 AT 5:24 AM

Try having all these sensors check below: Coolant Temperature: when below a predetermined temp. It prevents upshifting into overdrive and lock-up till it reaches 122F-162F

Throttle Position: takes the place of the throttle pressure, in a conventional hydraulically controlled tranny. By relaying the throttle position to the ECM indicating the load on the engine, this is where the ECM controls the shifting and lock-up timing of the tranny.

Vehicle Speed: takes the place of the governor in a conventional hydraulically controlled tranny to control shift points and the operations of the lock-up clutch.

My guess is nothing's wrong with the tranny to begin with. Also a Badly needed major tune-up will cause a tranny to throw a fit.

BTW have the MAF meter check

HTH Good Luck! Happy 2007



December, 28, 2006 AT 9:30 AM

Definitly have the Mass Airflow Meter checked, They create all kinds of havoc when they get out of range. Ive seen the solenoid codes before and its been either the computer or wiring problems

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