1994 Toyota Celica I think I have bad gas

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Engine Performance problem
1994 Toyota Celica 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 113000 miles

ok so here goes. Start from the beginning. I have the 7afe st model liftback w/ a 5spd. I have a fresh engine put in last june, almost a year to date. At that time I had everything serviced on my car due to it sitting for a while. It has ran like a champ and i've had no issues. This past friday I was leaving a friends and when I pulled out of his driveway my gas light went on and off due to sloshing so I decided to fill up anyways b/c I know it's bad to run a car low on gas, especially and older car due to deposits building up over time. I run 93 octane b/c I notice my engine runs better w/ 93. So I hit the nearest station to my friends which is a quik trip. I had probably around 2-3 gallons of fuel left in my tank and added about 10 gallons of 93 from QT. Didn't drive much more that night, drove maybe 50 miles saturday and everything was running fine. Sunday morning I go pick my friend up from the airport. This is around 11 a.M. I notice when leaving a stop sign that it hesitates and sputters very slightly. After that I was on the highway to the airport. After leaving the airport, I had to stop to pay the toll and when accelerating my friend even noticed a slight sputter before my car took off. Drove fine on the highway home. 4 hours later we go to the store, i'm maybe 300 yards from his place when i'm leaving a light, it sputters and stalls on me. I manage to limp it back and park it. My initial inclination is plugs, or fuel delivery. I pull the plugs and they are fouled out bad. NGK type R's by the way. The firing pin was still normal height and each plug had the same result. Also where the plug connects to the thread housing it was burnt up as well. I replaced the plugs and checked my wires for any signs of bad distribution and all good. After replacing the plugs w/ regular ngk just to see if that was the issue I started my car and it helped a lot but not completely. If I slightly apply the throttle it revs up smoothly, but just a little too much and it bogs down almost as if it were flooding and misses. I'm getting good fuel delivery, good spark, and just a week ago serviced my K&N filter and changed the oil w/ valvoline synthetic. I take care of my car and always notice the slightest difference in any area of my car. My only conclusion is bad gas. I have contacted QT and spent the better part of the day on the phone w/ them and my shop where I get all my work done I cannot do myself. Rather than pay for a tow or attempt to drive my car and increase the issue I convinced QT to accept me taking a sample from the tank via fuel line and take it to a new dealersihp, or any ase asa certified mechanic. I know bad gas is rare especially q/ larger corporate stations, but in today's economy and that area I doubt many people use 93 and my assumption is their gas at that station had gone bad some way shape or form. I also run octane boost every 3 or 4 tanks to ensure I do not develop build up or clogged injectors due to my car being 16 years old. I mean I checked everything myself and i'm a pretty car savvy guy and my only determination is bad gas. Am I overlooking anything or am I on the right track?

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 AT 5:35 AM

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