How to replace 92 Camry temp control knob?


The major symptom I'm having is that the air coming through the vents is consistently HOT--not warm or outside air temperature, but HOT, like the heater is running. I'm assuming there is something wrong with the hot/cold knob because it won't turn all the way. If I turn as far as it will go to the red/hot side, it does indeed get hotter than if I turn it as far as it will go to the blue/cold side. But the knob only moves about an inch in either direction, so it never actually reaches the end of the red or blue stripes.

So I'm guessing I have to replace the knob? Does that sound right?

So now I'm stumped on how to get the old one out. Any info would be most appreciated. Thank you!

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Sunday, May 6th, 2007 AT 5:59 PM

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