Clicking/knocking engine noise after stalling in high water


I recently stalled my 98 camry in high water, but was able to push the car out and get the car started - within an hour of that I developed a clicking noise that speeds up as the engine rpm is raised coming from the top of the engine as heard around the center of the valve cover - the noise usuallly starts a few seconds after start up and goes away at highway speeds - it usually returns after sustained use and the car returning to idle. It takes a few seconds for the noise to start when the car is started. While heard regularly, the noise will disappear at times (sometimes hours) just to return later. Sometimes the noise seems more like knocking at idle speeds in lieu of valve noise. I have flushed the oil several times, burned all the gas out and used multiple gas treatmens/dryers. No engine light, the car runs and accelerates normally - no other signs of problems. The noise seems to be diminished with octane boosters and gas additives. Could the catalytic converter or oxygen sensors been damaged by water submersion without a code appearing, causing the fuel mixture to be out of whack or the engine timing to be mis adjusted by the computer based on a component failure. I sometimes think the problem has gone away, just to be disappointed. The problem is about 6 weeks old now.

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, September 6th, 2007 AT 7:14 AM

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