Car ('91 Camry) won't start when engine gets too hot


1991 Toyota Camry; 2000 CC A/T, 4 cyl

In the hot summer months my car has a weird problem.

Sometimes when I drive around town doing errands and stop to shop, the car will not start when I turn the key. I turn the key and nothing happens. No click, no starter turn, nothing!

The battery is new, alternator is new, starter is about 2 years old.

It is an intermittent problem. After the car cools down, the car starts like it is showroom new! I thought it might be the igniter so I picked up one at a junk yard. I kept the old one in the trunk. Two weeks ago it happened again. I swapped out igniters and car started. Today in 90 degree heat it happened again. I swapped out igniters and this time, no go. However, after 20 minutes the car started right up. When I drove it home, turned off the engine and then turned the key to start the car, gues what happened? The car started right up. I am so confused. Please help me solve this problem.

Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, August 25th, 2007 AT 12:15 PM

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I submitted this way back in August and still no replies. You mean there is no one else in the world who has had this problem with their late model Toyota Camry?

Was this
Sunday, September 9th, 2007 AT 5:47 AM

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