92 Toyota Camry overheating

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We have 92 Toyota Camry, 3.0 V6 with mileage of more than 200,000. The car has 2 caps that looks like radiator cap one on radiator and the other one by manifold called coolant filler cap. The problem started when we replaced that coolant filler cap purchased from auto parts. We were going to the mountain when after driving 30 min. The car overheated and cracked the radiator. We had to replace new timing belt, radiator, water pump, thermostat, EGR valve, temperature sensor, fan sensor(I think that's what it's called). After all that work the car overheated again we found out that we bought wrong cap and the thermostat (Sold only in dealers) The thermostat has this thing called jigglers we tried to put it on trying to match it much as possible with manual that was confusing. The car runs great but it still overheats. Funny thing is that I've droven all day in street, drove in freeway for more than an hour and did not overheat but the other day we were going to the mountain again and after driving about 40 minutes it overheated. The reservoir had water but the radiator didn't and that morning my husband opend the radiator cap which says shouldn't open (he forgot about it)to check the water level, He was suppose to open coolant filler cap instead. Can that be the cause or can there be any other cause? I would like to take the car for a long trip but I'm afraid it won't make it. What will be the cause? Is there anyway I can find out if the car will make it or not? Pleas help ASP

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Monday, July 10th, 2006 AT 12:35 PM

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Remove the Thermostat and run it without it-don't worry about what the computer thinks-about activating the fans. Basing its input from the TS and CTS.

Are the fans coming On?

Try this and see what happens. As far as the jiggle valve you need to position it properly

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Monday, July 10th, 2006 AT 10:23 PM

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