1990 Toyota Camry



August, 19, 2007 AT 8:56 PM

I have a 1989 Toyota Camry LE V6 with 96,000 miles. It is an automatic. I left it sitting for approximately 2 weeks and when I went to drive it, it wouldn't accelerate over about 15 mph, the idle was low and rough, and I had to have it towed. The mechanic couldn't replicate the acceleration problem, but replaced the battery, coolant temp sensor, spark plugs, distributor rotor, and fuel filter to treat the low, rough idle. Still, the idle was low and rough and they couldn't do any more to fix it and asked me to come pick it up.

Since then, I've been to two other mechanics, including a dealership, and had the following:

throttle body cleaned
mass air flow sensor replaced
EGR valve replace
EGR vacuum modulator replaced,
cold start injector replaced.

Still the car idles low at times and will stall out at hard stops. If I stop gently, the RPM's may decrease but probably won't stall. It accelerates okay, but seems to lack a little power. The idle air control valve clicks after I turn the engine off, which is apparently a sign that it is working correctly. What else should I be looking at? Ignition Coil? Fuel Pressure regulator? Alternator? ECU? I can't afford to keep throwing good money after bad to fix this... please help.



Cj Stalling When Idling


Stalling Out


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Service Writer

August, 19, 2007 AT 9:10 PM

Has anyone checked for the codes in the computer?
IF so, what are they?



August, 19, 2007 AT 11:08 PM

The only problem that registered a code was the Mass Air Flow. No codes since then but replacing the MAF didn't improve the problem at all.



August, 20, 2007 AT 1:24 AM

Checklist to do:

1.Air tube from MAF to throttle body is sealed properly

2.Take the IACV out and clean it good make sure there's no residue.

3. Find the EGR open it up look for carbon at pintle and passages thru the manifold.

4.Inspect the throttle shaft/plate and linkages makes sure there's no binding

**5. Mark the throttle position sensor position with the throttle body

Put everything back together, find the diagnostic check connector jump TE-1 to E-1 now start vehicle up.

Now observe what the engine is doing and comeback and tell me -am not done the old lady is not coming.

The idle air control valve clicks after I turn the engine off-

I've been with toys for a long long time when toyota is toyopet I've never /ever heard the IACV click.

**5 we'll do this last.

Still the car idles low at times and will stall out at hard stops. SW there's a catch to this.

Good luck



Service Writer

August, 20, 2007 AT 5:07 AM

What's your hunch Jess? Plugged passageways on the EGR?



August, 20, 2007 AT 12:41 PM

Yup, This one can be a tricky though-could be too much air or not enough gas. To nail it, is by the use of the 5gas and propane.

I'm waiting for the results on my checklist.



August, 20, 2007 AT 2:07 PM

The passage from the air filter to the MAF was replaced 2 years ago because it had a crack in it - this one is brand new and still in very good shape.

I cleaned out the throttle body, and related parts.

The EGR and EGR vacuum modulator were just replaced with Denso parts, so they are clean

I also checked the ignition coil and igniter and everything was fine.

I checked the Power brake booster for vacuum leaks, none evident.

The mass air flow is a Cardone remanufactured part. I hear there may be a difference in quality between Cardone and Toyota, but I can't afford the $700 for a Toyota MAF. The car still stalls at hard stops - could it be that the spring attached to the MAF isn't tight enough and therefore isn't closing quickly enough when I come to a hard stop?


Service Writer

August, 20, 2007 AT 4:40 PM

Not the air snorkel. The passegways the provide air flow to and from the EGR valve.

The MAF appears that is took care of the codes, since they are not there.



August, 20, 2007 AT 10:59 PM

Nothing is being mentioned about the PCV valve-if its stuck in the intermediate position it will cause the problem-Just because you pull it and it has vacuum, sucked your thumb-that is okay-wrong! BTDT

Paul I find myself breaking out my old 22 years old notes in school and my Emission I/M shotgun book/notes.

Can you send me a round trip ticket plus hotel and a lot of them american beers. I'll go knock this thing out. So much of incompetent ASE technicians that should be retrained as partschangers.

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