1998 Toyota Camry



April, 24, 2008 AT 7:02 AM

Engine Performance problem
1998 Toyota Camry 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 160, 00 miles

My car stalls when approaching red lights or turns. It starts up again with no problem but nobody is able to diagnos this issue. It's annoying and scarey at the same time and I would like to get this resolved asap.


Cj Stalling When Idling


Stalling Out


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April, 24, 2008 AT 7:06 AM

Hi there,

first ting to check is the idle speed and do a diagnostic check just to see if any codes are set, just one question, if you slip it into neutral, when slowing down dose it still stall?

Mark (mhpautos)



April, 24, 2008 AT 1:20 PM

Yes, it still does stall in neutral. So I can take it in somewhere and tell them to check the idle speed?
Thanks for the quick response: )



May, 3, 2008 AT 11:46 AM

Here's my post from tundrasolutions. Com/forums/camry. Lots of info there, as well.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi. I am going through the nearly the exact same problem, though so far it's happening intermittently. It's driving me insane. I'm not very mechanically inclined, so I don't really understand all the acronyms you refer to. I have changed my plugs, my fuel filter and done a variety of other routine maintenance. I get no CEL (figured that one out) and, of course, nothing shows up on the quickie diagnostic. I have had a million people suggest a million different things, but the most common to date are the Idle Speed (Air) Control Sensor or the Throttle position sensor, which can be found on opposite ends of each other. The ISCS is a way expense part, while the other is about $30 new. My local Toyota dealer has offered to check the ISCS this afternoon, diagnostically, and I hope to get them to do a quickie on the other part. Not sure if this will show good/bad since it's an intermittent problem, but, like you, I'm going through the process of elimination. I will let you know the results. Could you please let me know what some of the acronyms are that you are referring to? I'm figuring since they didn't help you, it won't help me either, but it'll be good to know. You can reply here or even call my cell at 904-314-3276. My name is Jim.

We must beat this thing!



May, 3, 2008 AT 4:09 PM

Check these 3 components: Throttle position sensor/EGR valve and MAF sensor-



June, 2, 2008 AT 8:55 PM

Wendy, Jim,

Jim here too. I have a 1998 Camry, 6 cyl, 3.0, XLE with the same problem. Started on Thursday and I can't drive it unless I do sort of what Jim suggested- apply some gas while either riding the brake or putting the car in neutral.

I've got the book on the car- Here's a couple of hints that you might need. If your 6 cyl burns oil, there is an unwritten or not very well advertised Toyota recall - Engine sludge problem. I just got a new engine 15 months ago and my catalytic converter and Oxygen sensors were not replaced- thus a problem.

Right now, I took the idle up by turning the allen screw next to the throttle body- I'm trying to order the TPS- Throttle Position Sensor- Auto Zone 4 day order and pay in advance. Another parts store 2-3 days. I'll head out on Tues in search for this. According to the book, you need to measure voltage on pin #1 on the TPS connector- with tab at top, the number 1 pin is on the left. Turn on key ignition but do not start. Use a volt meter and measure #1 power to ground. If 5 volts +/- 1volt- then measure pins #2 and #3 when plugged in. This is tougher than it sounds- if less than 5 volts- probably the TPS. That's where I am now. I actually have the part on my counter now- trying to find a replacement. About $50 from some places and can go to nearly $100. If this is the problem, the repair should be relatively simple- two phillips screws holding it on and a connector. If it is the MAF Mass Airflow sensor or IAC Idle Air Control- that will be a topic for later in the week.

Oh yeah, the OBD II code that I just got was a P0120- which states TPS sensor, and can be the other two items above also (MAF and IAC).

You'd think Toyota would know when engines and transmission are having problems and would give you less grief- but these little sensors are problems with a capital " P",

Good luck and hope I helped out some. I have a Chiltons repair manual that I picked up at the local public library- Might want to try that. Wish you and me luck.

Jim #2.



June, 4, 2008 AT 8:59 PM

What's the best way to check those items?



June, 4, 2008 AT 9:04 PM


Thanks much for your reply. Here's an update: After scanning many of these message boards (it's amazing how many people are having the same problem) I decided to replace the coolant temperature sensor, which tells the computer whether the engine is cool or hot and, thereby, can flood the doggone thing with gas if it's misread. Well, I didn't have any problems for a month (mostly short trips) but it happened again tonight. So, my next step is to try the IAC sensor (picked up a part in a junkyard since its so expensive.) Will put that on tomorrow. If not that, then perhaps the EGR valve should be next. BTW, is there a simple way to check this stuff diagnostically?



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