1995 Camry front wheel vibration


1995 camry dx 140,000 miles 2.2l I4 auto
I have replaced all the rotors, pads, drums, and shoes trying to stop a horrible vibration under braking. The first time it happened, from 75 MPH, I thought the fenders would fall off becuase it shook so hard.
No vibration at all with using brakes.
The vibration is alot faster than the wheel speed.
Under "gentle" braking, it is always there from 40 through 30 mph, but not from 50 to 40 mph?
Under 30, it feels like I have "flat spotted" a tire.

New brake parts didn't help. Could I have bought warped rotors? ( Bendix drums/shoes, Pep boys rotors, Toyota pads.)
I can't get any movement or "clunking" when I try to shake the CV shafts with my hands.
Thought it could be wheel bearings, but can't find anything loose, and the sounds don't change when truning left or right. It's been slowly getting worse, but this has been going on since September !

Could tires roll perfectly smooth at 60, even 80 mph, then go nuts when you step on the brakes? ( I don't think so. But I'm getting desperate ! )

Thanks !

Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, May 25th, 2007 AT 12:54 PM

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