1994 Toyota Camry



June, 10, 2009 AT 8:12 AM

Electrical problem
1994 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

My name is Jennifer, I am a younger girl who knows nothing about car's besides the basic changing light bulbs, fuses, fluids.I just moved cross country and have no money but tail lights stopped working on my 94 Camry with a million miles on it. I want to try everything I can to fix it before I have to bring it to the shop. I checked all the fuses in the inside panel and replaced the tail light fuse, even though it looked fine. I replaced all the bulbs in the back of the car and checked for corrosion. The back side marker, signal, top brakes, brakes, and license plate lights work fine. All front lights including high beams work fine as well. Tail lights will not turn on when the lights are on, or at all. Had the dimmer switch replaced a year ago working fine. If anyone could explain to a novice anything else I could try to solve this, I would REALLY appreciate it : ) Thanks so much!

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June, 10, 2009 AT 9:20 AM

Check the light failure sensor

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