1989 Toyota Camry Catalytic Converter


1989 Toyota Camry, 141,000 miles, V6 2.5 liter.
1989 Toyota Camry Catalytic Converter

Even though my car was running fine, I had it checked out by a back yard mechanic. Without my permission, he cleaned my very gunked up engine. Though I was glad to have it cleaned my car ran terrible, puttering out the tail pipe, no power and jumping into gears. He said a spark plug got wet and would dry out in a couple of days and things would be fine. Never happened. Got new spark plugs and rotor etc for tune up. Car ran better but still did not have the power it did before. Then a few days ago, after sitting for awhile, it started with a funny noise and the check engine light went on. It started puttering again but not as bad as before and I lost some power again but still not as bad as before. When I restarted, the engine light went off and has never come back on again but the puttering is still there and I don't have the power that I used to have. This same mechanic says my catalytic converter is shot. According to the dealership the catalytic converter may have been damaged by whatever engine cleaner was used on my motor. I've also talked with the auto parts store and they said it may just be clogged or a vacuum hose no good. I hope this is the case, as the coverter alone is over $300.00. Does anybody have some input on this. Also, any good mechanics in the North County San Diego area close to the city of Vista?

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Saturday, September 15th, 2007 AT 8:17 PM

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