1988 Suzuki Forsa



April, 13, 2009 AT 12:39 AM

Engine Performance problem
1988 Suzuki Forsa Front Wheel Drive Manual 300000 miles

My Suzuki is an '88 forsa 1 ltr. Turbo, 3 cyl. 5 spd man. I have been struggling lately with it because when I start it cold the choke doesn't kick in and I have to hold my foot on the gas to warm it up. Then once warm it it almost double the normal idle that it is suppose to be. So, my choke isn't enguaging and when warm the car should idle at 750 RPM, but it is at 1300RPM warm. I have adjusted the idle screw on the top of the carb until it won't turn anymore. I have adjusted the throttle screw until it doesn't touch the throttle linkage beside the carb. I cleaned the throttle body. I am going to check the timing next but I am quite certain that it won't be the problem.I don't want to retard the timing and make it perform sluggish. Any ideas?

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