Trouble Codes P0700 & P0714 on 05 Subaru Outback


I have a 05 Subaru Legacy Outback SW 2.5 w/50700 mi purchased new.

Since the car had @15000 mi the CEL comes on & the CC light flashes w/the CC disabled. This has always reset itself by the time I restarted the car 3/4 times. The 1st time I called the dealer to report this, they asked if the car was running roughly, & when I said no, they said it wasn't a real problem & to have it checked when I took it in for my reg service. Last year I brought it to the dealer who said the codes showing were not checking out as a problem and just reset the codes. The CEC & CC lights happened again last June and I had a service repair place check it out and for the first time I found out the codes that were coming up. They told me to take it to Subaru dealer to repair under warranty - I did (twice now) and they said that they ran all the diagnostics Subaru America gave them and they can't find anything wrong to repair or replace and just reset the codes once again (the service mgr acknowledged that in all probability it will happen again w/in a thous miles, but he can't do anything w/o Subaru America's authorization and they aren't giving any auth w/o a diagnostic showing a need.

Subaru America said they have no data on this particular problem - Has anyone else had this happen? - CEC lgt w/CC lgt flashing & CC Disabled diagnostic codes PO700 & PO714 (Torque converter)

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007 AT 11:13 AM

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