1999 subaru legacy, AWD, 2.5L, 109890 miles,
While entering the highway, I accelerated to get up to highway speed, got to 60mph and everything was fine, when exting I applied the brakes and the car car slowed down and started shaking, I stepped on the clutch and the RPM's maxed out like the accelator pedal was stuck (But it wasn't), The car was then towed home. I checked the accelator linkage, all was fine, Throttle body closed, I started, the car's RPM's went straight to redline. I disconnected the battery to reset the ECM. The car starts but idles at 2000 rpm and only for a few moments, then it idles erratic, almost stalls, and the electronic fans come on and so does the AC, but only for a min or so, then back to 2000 rpm idle. If you step on the gas, it chokes and spits as the rmp's increase. The only recent repair is a new clutch 3 months ago, what do u think? NEW MESSAGE:
P1507 Idle Control System Malfunction (Fail Safe)
It that because the sensor failed, or the ECM?
I'm thinking sensor since it's running in fail safe :)
NEW MESSAGE: I reset the ECM with an OBDII tool and its been running fine ever since. Engine light still comes on every now and then for code 0325 (Knock sensor), but no change in performance.

ecm with

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, July 24th, 2007 AT 7:08 PM

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