Differential Trouble?


1. 1993 Subara Legacy
2. Around 190,000
3. Automatic Transmission
4. All wheel drive
5. There are strange noises while accelerating however they are louder (almost sounds like a firetruck) when I let off the accelerator pedal.

6. Yes, the differential oil
7. This vehicle has had 2 transmission replaced

The problem- the other day I was delivering mail (postal) and the vehicle was driving fine. Then out of no where I hear a loud poof sound and almost hissing. Honestly, it was as if a high pressure hose had blown. In my rearview mirror I noticed that my vehicle had lost a lot of liquid. I was only about 5 mins from my house so I parked the car there. I went back with another car and checked the fluid on the road and it appeared to be transmission oil as it smelled like it. The fluid was brown and reddish tint. However, I got back home to check the transmission oil and it was fine. There was no loss of liquid. I put it up on a ramp and noticed around the differential drain bolt that there was liquid and when I checked the level it was empty.

How serious is this situation? Is it just a case of buying new differential oil and filling it back up or worse. Any help would be appreciated and since I am in a financial strain, a auto mechanic is not an option.


Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, August 19th, 2007 AT 6:23 PM

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