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Well! My plan this morning was to change the oil in my car (1996 Subaru Legacy Grandwagon 2.5 lt, 90,000 miles) First I checked the oil, it was at the right level on the dipstick. So then I thought ok i'll check my air filter. I pulled the cover off the air filter, looked at the filter which needs replacing. Then I tryed to put the cover back on the air filter, it wouldn't go on, so I disconnected the joint a bit further up the air intake after the air flow meter, so I could get it back on, which worked. Then I connected the joint back together. All good, I thought, so I got into the car to start it up. It started and then conked right out. And then again. So I checked the oil agian, the oil level is now much lower, just a little bit on the dipstick. I think that when I disconnected the air intake some debris or something may have gone into it before I connected back together, so when I started it the debris got sucked into the engine. If this is the case, which I really think it is, what kind of damage am I looking at? I had a very unhelpful road service guy come around to take a look. I explained the situation to him, and he just hopped into my car started it up. It conked out, so then he started it and revved the engine for way to long, it did not sound good, the engine actually banged a couple times. As soon as he stopped revving it, the engine stopped. He was useless and had no idea what it could be. I think that what he did just caused more damage to my engine? He told me to get it towed to a carage on Monday to have them take a look at it, which I plan to do. Just looking for a bit of advice! Thanks!

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Friday, August 3rd, 2007 AT 11:19 PM

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