ALL Idiot light on and car functions intermiteanly


Need help in Alaska, and the military don’t pay its airman well so the less I have to pay the better, so knowledge saves my wallet.

Vehicle: 1992 Subaru SVX
155,000 miles
3.3liter H6

Yes same one with the transmission problem. But the witch left the tranny. Currently the shift delay is gone and the clunk. Last night was about -18 degrees. My car was running fine when I parked it at my Girlfriends. Then next morning the power steering light was on as well as the check engine, the ABS, airbag, brake like lamp indicator(tells me I need a new bulb) and brake light (indicates the ebrake is on) were all on after the car did its normal start up routine. The ebrake was not encaged and my brake lights were all good. I turn my right turn signal on and the airbag light flashes. I turn my left blinker on the power steering light flashes. The light on the car were dim, and if I turn on the brights the heater fan would turn off. I turn it back to low beams its back on. Anyhow I tried driving it out of the driveway, I didn’t have any power steering and the car would hesitate and then go and hesitate and go and so forth. Until the lights got real dim and the car died. Would not start (acting if it was a dead battery) Well I was aggravated and went to bed. In the morning I check the belts (serpentine) and the fuses and all were good. I had a slight bent idler pulley tensioner bolt but the tension was on the belts. The car started ran like normal except for the lights on again (same ones) Only difference was power steering was working correctly as far as it assisted in the steering, the car would go but no hesitation problems. Then it 20 minutes later it started to die and such hesitation problem came back. It didn’t start back up either.
Note: Alternator is less than 3 months old. My first thought was maybe my belts. Since the Alternator is connected to power steering by the belts and maybe the low voltage from a slipping belt was causing electrical anarchy. But I hear no slippage and as far as I can tell I see no glazing on my belts. She’s getting towed to "AAA-1 The Shop" in anchorage. On the 28th of this month. I just like to know thoughts so I don’t overpay. If it’s a simple repair and they say I need a bunch of stuff not necessary to get it running.

Whets going on with this SVX, did my tranny witch move to electrical? Perhaps an o2 sensor or my ECU? If it’s the ECU should I replace it with the ECUTUNE. Com aftermarket chip?

Thanks again for your prompt reply on my last post. Keep up the great work. Batqul

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 AT 3:03 AM

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