'99 Impreza Outback: Thudding sound in r/f suspension?

  • 1999 SUBARU

I have '99 outback impreza wagon with a 2.5l engine and about 120k. The car handles beautifully on roller-coaster roads, provided that the road surface itself is free of bumps. However, when I pass over disturbances as small as a manhole cover, I hear a loud knock or thud in the right front suspension. The sound is definitely metal on metal. This occurs both for rises and dips in the roadway (i.E. Potholes or manhole covers, or even speed bumps). Ive asked a few knowledgable people why this might be, to no avail. Also, I recently purchased this car used, and its history shows that a mechanic had recently examined a r/f noise, and apparently it hasn't been fixed. So I'd appreciate any suggestions as to what this might be, thanks a lot.

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 AT 8:57 PM

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