2001 Outback Mystery Clunk

  • 2001 SUBARU

My 2001 Outback Wagon H6 VDC Automatic has
70,000km (44000mi) on it and on a couple of occasions I've experienced a very distinct series of short clunking sounds, accompanied by short jerks that feel like they're emanating from the rear end or transmission. This has only occurred at highway speeds, at 100-120 km/hr. This happened a month ago, then was fine until yesterday when it happened
again while I was returning from a trip. After
the clunk/jerk occured, everything resumed to normal. The engine light did not go on.
After the first time this happened I also noticed
the accelerator was sticking a bit while driving around the city. I just pulled over, held the brake and put the
car in drive and the rev's dropped to normal.
Then this ceased to be a problem.
I assumed that maybe this was causing the
clunks. That the transmisssion was shifting and the engine was revving at the same time. It doesn't quite feel like that is what's happening though, it's more
like a violent jerking that goes on for just a few seconds.
Any idea what might be happening here?

Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, August 11th, 2007 AT 7:38 AM

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