1993 Subaru Impreza Issue

  • 1993 SUBARU
Ok yesterday my bf cleaned my battery cables and terminals for me because they were corroded. When he put the cables back on he noticed the left cable connector was starting to fall apart (due to the corrosion). He tightened them up and we started the car nothing happened. We figured out that I just needed a new battery connector cable. So, I called AAA road side service to come out. I explained to the driver what we had done. He checked the cables and terminals and saw what we saw the left connector cable was broken. He tightened them again and asked me to start the car. The car would NOT start. I had explained to him also that the stereo works and the power locks work and the dome light works. He said hmmm that doesnt sound good. Then he said let me try jumping the battery. I was like why, it is not the battery, its only 3 years old. Plus the battery was fine before I never had any problems with it ever. Its always started right up. Then hes all well lets try it anyways. So, he put the jumper cables on my battery and went to put the ones on his truck. When he put the ones on his truck, the left terminal (where the broken connector is) started to spark and smoke. Then hes all whoa what was that. I said I dont know what did you do. He didnt say anything. Then hes all ok I will call the lady who deals with the batteries and have her come out and change your battery connector cable for you. So, I called a lil while later to find out when she was coming. The lady at the towing company said oh the first driver said that you also needed a new battery. I was like why do I need a new battery she said oh because the post is chipped and it wont hold a charge anymore. I was like no let me make some calls so I called 2 different mechanics and they said no that had nothing to do with anything. So, I called her back and said NO battery only a connector cable. Well the girl finally arrived and connected the new battery cable connector for me. She also checked my battery and said the battery was good there was NOTHING wrong with it. My power locks started working again and the ignition beeps when you put the key in. BUT the stereo wont work still and the dome light and none o the other lights on the car come on. Plus the car still would NOT start. I explained what had happened when the first guy came out and she said he must have shorted something out. So, she changed a fuse under the dash in the car and it still would not start at all. After she left I called AAA they told me to call the towing company back and take it up with them since it was their drivers fault. So, I did. They are sending out the supervisor tommorow morning to talk to me and look at my car. I called my cousin who is a mechanic for a new cardealer and he said it probably blew the fusable link. My question is do you think it is the fusable link OR do you think it is something else that is causing it not to start at all?
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Sunday, August 19th, 2007 AT 9:34 PM

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Hopefully the computer wasn't damaged if he crossed the cables. The engine would normally still crank when that happens but can ruin the computer.
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Friday, August 24th, 2007 AT 10:56 AM

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