1990 Subaru



September, 13, 2007 AT 7:02 AM

1990 Legacy 4 door sedan, automatic, front wheel drive. MIleage almost 100,000. No idea on enginie size, does it matter?

Drivers side window motion control panel on the door has up and down buttons for each window, and a small square button which I believe locks all windows (like a window child lock?)

The small square button is stuck in the 'down' or locked position, and I cannot get it to release. Only the drivers door up and down button works now, so I have 1 normal (driver), 2 open and 1 closed window!

All this occurred while hubby was working on fixing loud squeal on drivers door window when lowered while it is wet. I think he removed the rubber seal on the inside of window to replace it, perhaps.

Hope this is easy (read cheap) fix! Help please, before I have to tell the boss I can't come in because its raining : wink:

Ann in S. Central PA

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