1999 Subaru Legacy



June, 13, 2009 AT 6:02 PM

Transmission problem
1999 Subaru Legacy 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 232, 00 miles

My 99 Subaru Legacy Outback is leaking transmission fluid when I put it in drive. It just started one day when I put it in drive and it reved up to 3-4rpm. It didn't shift into gear until over 4,000rpm's. Like it was in nuetral. My trany fluid is bone dry yet it's still leaking out right underneath my coolent. I feel like it there might be a tear in the hose but I can't tell which hose it is. I don't know which hose is which. Any suggestions on how I can test this problem to hopefully find that I don't need a whole to transmission? Does it sound like my trany might be done?


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