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Engine Cooling problem
1991 Subaru Justy 3cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 80000 miles


My 1991 Subaru Justy 3 cyl, 1.2 liter, fuel injected engine is overheating only when driving.

Can't see any fluids leaking and just had the thermostat replaced. The radiator remains full, but after driving for more than 5 miles the overflow is boiling.

Had the radiator flushed and was told by the mechanics something was sort of fluttering or pulsating in engine. Not sure where but could hear it as well.

The plastic fan near radiator comes on, sometimes while driving, but mostly after turning off car. Think it's always been this way and it was recently repaired because it wouldn't come on at all.

Funny burning smell appears after driving too long but never notice when in idol.



Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 AT 6:12 AM

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