2003 Saturn Vue won't go faster than 35 mph

  • 2003 SATURN VUE

Engine Performance problem
2003 Saturn Vue 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 92000 miles

starts runs rough smooths out 3000 rpm. Has codes p0440 evap emissions, p0481 cool fan circutit 2, p1599 a/c press. Switch low. P1512 batt sense line 2, p1682 charging system low. The reduced power light is on with SES light. A new $550 cat. Converter was installed. The vehicle will not go over 35 mph. This is a drive by wire system. It does not seem to make any difference if you are half throttle or full throttle. Could it be the throttle position sensor on the pedal?

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Monday, March 3rd, 2008 AT 8:01 PM

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I have a 2002 Vue my Vue did that before. It was when I was towing something heavy. I read the manual and it said that there was a sensor that notices towing and prevents your Vue from going over 35 to prevent damage to your Vue. Have you towed anything w/ your Vue prior to this problem? If so maybee the sensor got stuck and is still thinking that you are towing something. I hope this helps you!

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Sunday, December 20th, 2009 AT 5:42 PM

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