Clutch/speedo/fuel pump - aack!


I having a number of issues with my 94 Saturn SL1. She has served about 120,000 miles. The first is that I just had the transmission and clutch replaced. It seemed OK, a little stiff getting into first, but not a big deal. I drove it to work one day and it had become nearly impossible to get into first, although the other gears worked okay. Then, on my way home, it would not go into any gear at all. The clutch was all the way to the floor. I tried over and over. So, I got someone to come and help me push it into a lot, and when I tried again, it was working perfectly. Does this make any sense at all?

I'm wondering what to tell the shop. The work is still under warranty, but if it's not misbehaving when I take it in, they may a) not know what to do or b) think I'm an insane idiot.

The next thing is that neither the speedo or odometer are working. The shop says that they checked the sensor and it was working fine. I am wondering if there is anything I can check myself with a minumum of tools.

The last thing is. My fuel pump? It's quite annoying, because I thought the clutch/tranny would fix my car issues, but no such luck. It REALLY struggles uphill. Sometimes at various speeds, it will feel as if the car is slightly shaking in a front to back motion and the engine sounds not so happy. These issues seem fuel pump related to me, but I don't really know, is there any else it could be? I don't want to shell out more money to NOT fix my car. I also just had the fuel filter and PCV valve replaced, so it's not those.

Any input would be quite helpful.
Am I allowed to ask so many questions at once:)

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Tuesday, February 28th, 2006 AT 2:47 AM

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Did your speedo and odo work before the clutch and tranny was replaced? I would go back and tell them of your experience for two reasons. First to have them check for a possible problem before it becomes a bigger one. Secondly to have it on record that something did not work properly incase it fouls up later. A pro shop will know what to do and should never treat you with anything other than the respect a paying customer deserves.

Here is a link about checking your speedo and speed sensor. It is at the bottom of the page. They specialize in speedo stuff.

As to your thoughts on your car's poor perfomance, What regular maintenence has been done and when? Plugs, wires, air filter, and such. Does the car have a lit service engine light?
Start by running some fuel injector cleaner thru a tank of gas or 2. I like chevron with techron myself. Cleaning the EGR valve might help also.

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Tuesday, February 28th, 2006 AT 6:39 PM

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