Car close to overheating when A/C is not on.


I have a 1995 Saturn SL1 w/about 113,000 miles. I have two problems. First. No matter what the temperature is outside it seems that when I am just idleing and the a/c is not on, the coolant temperature gauge slowly moves up. It won't stop unless I turn on the a/c. It's fine when I'm driving and the a/c is on or off. The gauge stays at the 2nd notch. But if I'm at a traffic light or at a fast food drive through or anywhere where I'm just idleing, the coolant temp. Gauge starts going up. But when I start driving, it slowly goes back down because of the air flow. It's really annoying because while I'm idleing I have to turn on the a/c to keep the gauge from going into the red. A friend of mine works on my car and I've just recently had a tune up and a coolant flush. I also had the coolant temp. Sensor replaced but that didn't help the problem. He thinks it may be a different sensor because my a/c fan works fine. He said that when my car gets to a certain temp. A fan is supposed to kick on to keep it from overheating and it's not doing that. He thinks it has to do w/another sensor. Don't know which. Or is he wrong? Second.I have a problem with car wanting to stall. I notice it the most when I first start up the car and step on the accelerator. It's like it's not getting enough power or gas flow and it acts like it wants to stall but the car doesn't cut off or anything. I have to press the accelerator down further to make it get up to speed. While I'm driving in stop and go traffic, I can feel the car jerking a little bit while my foot is on the accelerator. Can't feel it as much on the highway. My check engine soon light came on a month ago. It comes on in 5 minutes of driving like clockwork. Had a code test done on it and said was the EGR valve. Put Prestone Fuel System Cleaner in car after oil change to help clean out some buildup. Noticed a difference for a few weeks but now feels the same as before I put it in. Today I noticed that my check engine soon light didn't come on. Please help! What do you think it could be?

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 AT 9:36 PM

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