94 Saturn SL Misfiring

  • 1994 SATURN

I recently had my car break down on the freeway. Got a few things fixed, catalytic converter, an alternator and a new coolant temperature sensor.

Now the engine is misfiring, it's just a 4 cylinder engine, I replaced the fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs about 2 months ago. While my car book recommended a.40 gap the ones I bought (I believe Bosch plugs) were ones that you aren't supposed to resize, I've heard some bad things about using them in Saturns, but my car worked fine after I had replaced those.

Yesterday I took a look at the spark plug wires, noticed that the insides of them were a bit corroded and 2 of them were bent a bit so I bought some new ones. When I went to replace them 2 of the prongs from the ignition coil packs(1 on each one) were covered in a white dust, which a mechanic told me to clean off with baking soda. I got most of it off but both of them still looked a bit corroded, the other two had the same look as the inside of the spark plug wire boots, like the color of rust but I know water doesn't leak in.

After I got everything back together and put on the engine turned over a few times before it started, and ran at a good 1200 rpms, drove it around for 5 minutes, parked, then when I went to work it started the same but was misfiring again.

Could it be the coil packs or possibly something else? I don't know anyone with an ohmmeter to test the coil packs and I'm no car expert so I don't know what else to check.

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, September 12th, 2006 AT 1:52 AM

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