2002 Saturn L300



June, 1, 2010 AT 6:52 PM

2002 Saturn L300 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 59,000 miles

Problem started 2 mths ago. It was pooring rain started smelling wires burning car died. Could not turn off head lights. Brought car to saturn dealer they replace the crank sensor & O2 sensors. Car works fine. 2 wks later car wont start again. No fuel going to engine. Cked all fused all are working. Jump start car wont work. 2 days later AAAtow service jumps car and it starts. Told me I need a new battery. I replace battery. 1 wk later car wont start again. Again no fuel to engine. I have replace fuel filter no start no fuel to engine. Replace fuel pump car wont start very little fuel coming out of fuel valve. We even cked the fuel pump again to make sure its not defected. Its not. Please help me. The car only has 59,000 miles. Any suggestions?


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